Golden Mirror

Production and arrangement: Thomas Li. Guitars: Anders Remark. Visuals: MOTORSAW.

Etude 06 by Li+ Remark & Motorsaw

Visuals by Motorsaw for the new track Etude 06 by Li+ and Anders Remark

"Riunione Dell'uccello" is out now

The Japanese performance artist Kazutaka Kuroki started his solo project KO.DO.NA in 2002. Describing himself as a poet who uses sound instead of words, he is a respected figure in Tokyo’s experimental music scene. His beautiful yet haunting new album,…

New release by Thomas Li and Anders Remark

Thomas Li and Anders Remark released their first piece of work as a duo. After several years of collaboration on many different projects, they have found a platform of their own. This release contains 3 improvisations – a part of…